Durga Puja - 2013

A very special THANK YOU to the whole community for making this year's pujo such a grand success! We also thank our sponsors:

  • Bill Terrill, CFP(R), Private Wealth Advisor
  • Krishna Regupathy, Principal Broker, TopTech Realty LLC
  • Best in Class Education Center

for supporting us.
Special Thanks as well to Abhijit and Sonali Banerjee for their donation towards our annual brochure.
We had a record crowd this year of nearly 400 registered guests and more than 500 when counting the li'l ones. Even the evening pujo and dinner had more than 250 guests staying on for the festivities and I'm not even going to attempt counting the kiddos; a bunch got added since morning, some may even have been born!
It was heartwarming to see so many non-bengali patrons join us this year and enjoy the event. Hope to see many more in the coming years.