Durga Puja Dhamaka 2015

Dear Friends,

Fall is in the air and Sarodotsav cannot be far behind. The Prabashi Durga Puja Organizing Committee is delighted to announce Durga Puja and Bijoya Celebrations 2015 to the Greater Portland Bengali community.

Date and Venue:

Pujo Date: Friday October 30th - Saturday Oct 31st
Pujo Venue: Washington County Fair Complex Main Exhibit Complex

Yes, that’s not a typo, pujo is indeed 2 days this year and will span from Friday afternoon to midnight Saturday. So put in your day-off requests early and get set to rock and roll to dhak and dhol. Prabashi will officially shame any bangali who is found working on Fri 10/30 afternoon, there’s no hiding on Outlook! Prabashi Council-er gundara office theke tule niye aasbe!

Having achieved our goal of 100% ‘blacklisting’ in akkha PDX school districts the Prabashi council finally decided to don their big boy pants and get a proper venue befitting Durga Mai. The Washington County Fair complex will have ample space and parking for expected record attendance this year. This place is so big you might need to strap GPS-es on your kids to track them around. We are sure it will win your approbation.

Both Friday and Saturday will be packed with functions and ceremonies. As usual there will be something for everybody to enjoy. We will have dinner on Friday and both lunch and dinner on Saturday included with registration. Pujo schedule and menu will be posted on our website soon.


Program schedule - Coming Soon!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you.